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How do you teleport in vive/steamvr ?


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I just got my vive HMD - (btw installation is a real pain. How truly blessed are the winmr owners/users!)

So navigating to Babylon mansion, sponza etc, I can't seem to make the teleport to work. I am using firefox.

I tried the trigger and trackpad to no avail. Any ideas ? I am sure it's supported on firefox/vive/steam too right ?

(Btw only rotating worked for me).

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Thanks for the tip. I will try it when I get to the office later.

Just curious, why don't we use trigger to teleport as well ? This would create consistent controller buttons usage with WinMR or other vr platforms.

You added the api in babylonjs to set the trigger to be used as either teleport or selection so I thought we can always overload the trigger behavior via the api.

Plus I believe the steamvr home/portal also uses trigger for teleport.

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A few more data about this issue:

- when I pressed the up button, the teleport circle always shows up on the location where I am standing, not the direction of where I point the controller to. 

- once in a blue moon I managed to get it working but only the first teleport worked. Then I am submerged under the ground and stuck in there, can't teleport no more. 

- it looks to me the ray is not intersecting the ground mesh correctly for some reason,  therefore not getting the right pick info. 

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Well I am new to Vive so I can't say for sure if this is a bug or my controller setup issue.

As far as I can tell I did configure and calibrate the vive controllers correctly. They work fine on vive home/portal and environments. They also work on some of the aframe scenes I tested.

So let me know if you can repro this on your own env.

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On 3/3/2018 at 3:35 PM, davrous said:

To teleport using Vive, you have to press the up button of the trackpad, target and release.

i have a question ....?

is it possible that we teleport just with gazing on target(for a few second) in  Scene instead of clicking on a button on Gearviv?

if yes? how ?

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