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scene.useRightHandedSystem mirrors Textures and Text


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Hi guys,

please forgive me, I was not sure if reporting this as a bug is really the best approach or if it should rather be an open discussion.

From what I can see I expect that scene.useRightHandedSystem is just scaling everything as "x *=-1"

This makes the feature rather impractical when text (on textures, basically) is involved in the scene. I was hoping so much for this setting to address an issue we have where in our ecosystem, babylonjs is the only component with a left handed coordinate system and requires offset translations for everything we draw...

I may also have textures that show logos, which would then also be inverted.

So my question is this:

Is this the desired behavior of the feature?


Playground (from someone else, just found it and flipped the coordinate system to make my point): http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9U086#120

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Right handed system is not only about scaling the x axis. it is a lot more than that. Otherwise all frameworks would simply support it :)

no, it is not the desirable behavior. If yous meshes are well prepared, it shouldn't happen. If you want to reproduce a right-handed playground and show that it works/doesn't work, it would be great.

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