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Texture Projection (for an AoE style effect)


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I am currently working on a project using PlayCanvas - however, any answers or pointers can be more WebGL specific. I need to create an effect like the WoW or LoL AoE textures, (you know, those circles that appear on the ground indicating where an area of effect attack will hit). However, I am having a little trouble finding documentation on how to achieve this. In Unity for instance, you'd just use a Projector component. In WebGL I believe we need to do some kind of Frustum intersection test - but I am not really sure how to achieve it. 

Any pointers would be highly appreciated. 


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Well i, @HoratioHuffnagel

Im not an expert coders like THE others here but maybe try think arena as Huge chessboard.

Where Evert click has unique id....

Then u want onclick observable maybe?

With an event which tile was clicked?

And then create an animation there 

Like drawing a cross or circle...

I hope im not totally Lost but thats what i would do!


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