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SceneOptimizer is a one-way train?


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I just read about SceneOptimizer and I understood that it helped to reach a target FPS by deactivating/degrading something. But it seems that there is no way to easily revert the operations? I didn't see that we could register a call back to re-enable the stuff that had been disabled.

Hope I am clear...:)

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There are certain degredation types in the scene optimizer that cannot be reverts (such as the merge-mesh, which disposes the meshes that were merged).

Others, such as the HardwareScalingOptimization, can be altered. you can load the optimizations and change the parameters. Afterwards you will need to reset the scene optimizer so that it will re-run the optimizations with the new settings.

This is, however, not exactly what you are trying to achieve, I guess :) The SceneOptmizer is more like a "one-way" optimizer, as you nicely put it. You can choose the optimizations you want to actually execute and those you don't. The ones you don't you can trigger manually.

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