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1.1.4 physics bug (gravity > velocity = no movement)


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Hi guys,


I'm not sure if right now it's smarter to make a posting or open a github issue.

So I go with postings for now.


If you have gravity.y set to 301, and you set body.velocity.y = -300 there is no movement, IF you have bounce.y set to 0.

Setting velocity to -301 and you get the normal jump.


All numbers lower then the gravity value result in no movement at all (if bounce.y is set to 0).



Steps to reproduce:


Alter line 116 of the starstruck.js example to set velocity to -200 (instead of -250).

And set bounce to 0 in line 50.

Effect: No jumping is possible.

Not sure exactly how to reproduce in starstruck yet.. I'll investigate further.



PS: this is one of two bugs I noticed when changing to phaser 1.1.4 .. so compared to some other version changes (of other software products) that I won't go into, this is smooth  :)

Thanks for all your work Rich!

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