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Webgl/babylonjs thread concurrency and safety


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In webgl app in general, assuming running on multi-core cpu, are the apps multi-threaded ?

If so, technically your callback function (like from user input) can be executed by a thread which is different from the one executing the main rendering loop.

Then is it not safe to edit a mesh directly in the callback ? Like disposing a mesh in the callback when the mesh is still in the scene being rendered continuously.

Does babylonjs provide the thread-safe synchronization for you, or you need to do this yourself ?


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Thanks for the web worker info.

So it looks to me that web workers are indeed multi-threaded but run in different space from your web page so it can't access the dom and presumably the gl context. So this won't help in terms of parallelizing the rendering, but at least we can use them for other computation like doing AI or IO-bound ops like launching post/get to web services etc.

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What I meant to say was the web workers can't access the Dom nor webgl context. 

But similar to what you said, I believe it's technically possible to split the 3d computations into several web workers and combine the results in the end and feed it to the main rendering thread. Right?? 

Still an improvement than single thread for everything. 

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