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Materials on certain meshes are rendered grey (only Firefox 58+, not on all machines)


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since Firefox 58 is released, our component that uses Babylon.js to display truck loads renders certain cubes in grey. This only happens in recent Firefox versions. I investigated the scene objects and the materials and their colors are indeed assigned to the objects. There are no errors in the console. Also, this does not affect all objects, only the ones we create before the first render (as it seems, so far...) alhtough we create everything using the MeshBuilder createBox/createCylinder factory methods.

Also, this does NOT happen on every machine. I experienced this on my own laptop, now it doesn't happen for me but it happens for a colleague. So it has definitely happened on different GPUs.

@Deltakosh Are you aware of such a behavior? Have you ever experienced this and can lead me into a direction? I will go and fire up the firefox gl debugger when I have time. But to be honest, I don't have too much hope to find anything.



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