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Combine Added Geometry Vertex Buffers on Mesh Merge


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I will have dynamic grass if it eff word kills me.


It looks like I am losing the added buffer uvRef that I am adding to each individual blade.

Does that mean I just keep pushing the values to the array and then set the buffer on the merged mesh?  The Vertices data should be in the same order I would imagine?
But when I do that I get this result:https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3D3RPL#6

The Buffers seem to be there now, but using it in the shader makes it disappear so I wonder what I am doing wrong?
then the mesh reappears when I nerf line 19 in the vertShader.

this is Approx what I am going for, but from the uvRef Data not position.

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So mergeMeshes will only merge know kinds and not all of them if you add custom ones .

You will need to manually merge the custom ones


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You should try without merge at first. Making sure the shader works

Then switch to mergemeshes. I'm ok to add a version which could also merge additional custom attributes

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