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Combine blend mode with alpha


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Hello all,

I'm trying to combine a material in blend mode with an alpha channel. But it doesn't seem to be possible.(alpha overrides the alpha from bitmap)


Perhaps using the shader builder could lead to a solution. But I don't really understand shaders and I can not find info about it.

I do think there is something in this playground. But it doesn't work anymore because the shaderbuilder.js can not be found.



Is there anyone who can help me in the right direction?


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Thanks for your answers.

Deltakosh, I'm aware of the different modes. But maybe I just don't understand them. Because when I apply some of them I don't see any difference with not using a blend mode. But none of them help me combine the alpha from the image and applying the blend mode.

Gijs, I was nearly embarrased to see that you found a similar question from me from a while back. Unfortunately this seems to be a different issue. Because the alpha blendmode will disable/ override the opacity texture too.

And using the opacityTexture gives many unpredictable results in z-ordering.

I need both to be able to create a colored label with a print with alpha on it.The alpha defines the shape of the label.

Since white being 'printed' on a colored surface will show the colored surface I also need an alpha blend mode.

So I'll keep looking..

I'm affraid it will be shaders.

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