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Different output values on Same Shaders


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Notice the fracturing between zones?

So the heightmap is being generated by a noise algo on a shader then applied to a rendertargettexture.  If I was to just use the raw noise algo to displace it everything would be honkey dorry, but for some reason my values on the samplers seems to not be consistent.

I know there are a few errors on my math for the normal stuff and unit size but all that should be irrelevant to the high  stuff.

I tried to set precisions and alas nothing seems to work. Ive tried different filtering/sampling modes etc...  In theory this is supposed to be easy.

Any ideas?

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Using Adjusted UV:
rabble rabble rabble... it did not fix anything... my brain hurts normally stuff like this I have no problem with... sigh...

Using Original UV:
with this one I would assume there should be some overlap/repetition but I'm guessing my math if off if there is not.

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