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Depends what this hosting should do? Only push static files or do some backend stuff? If only sending files then even two small 1-2CPU 2G RAM + ssd servers will do fine if properly configured. For servers it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have in total. More important is how many of them will came at peak time. 

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Might want to look in to auto-scaling setups if you're expecting loads of a million users, although, to be fair, you wouldn't be asking that here if you were.

In any case, scaling groups are very useful and usually very easy to setup. I only have experience of doing this with Amazon Web Services but its almost trivial to setup, I imagine other providers provide similarly simple to set up services. Be aware that at that scale you need to be monetizing things as it will get expensive, but, as I said before, if you're expecting that many users making cash out of it shouldn't be a concern.

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On 4/7/2018 at 11:00 PM, Samrat said:

what will be the best hosting requirements/configuration for html games if i have a million subscriber ?

Having Millions Subscribers??? Go for Expensive Hosting available out there. Google it & compare their packages & pricing!!!

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