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Any idea how to stop object from flickering


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Currently I am working on a project that requires moving the clock hands, where the hour hand moves 30 degrees while the minute hand moves by 6 degrees.


However,  I have this issue of the object flickering whenever I stopped at a point.

Issue Example:

Right now this is my code for moving the minute hand and the hour hand


dragMinutes: function(){
        minutes += direction; //0.5 is speed
        hours = (minutes/1440)*24; //24h = 1440 minutes,


    dragHours: function(){
        hours += direction; //0.05 is speed

        //minutes = hours* 60;

    calculateAngles: function(dial){
        //round to whole numbers
        mouseangle = Math.floor(this.game.physics.arcade.angleToPointer(dial)*180/Math.PI);
        //difference between mouse and dial
        difference = Math.abs(mouseangle - dial.angle);
        //if reached 9 o clock going counterclockwise, reverse the difference calculation.
            difference = 180 - mouseangle + dial.angle;
            difference = mouseangle - dial.angle;
        if(difference < 0){
            direction = -1;
        }else if (difference == 0){
            direction = 0;
        }else if (difference > 0){
            direction = 1;

In the Update Function:


if (minute.input.pointerDown())
            minutes = hours*60;
        if (hour.input.pointerDown())


 minute.angle = minutes*6 -90;//6 degrees = 1 minute, 90 degrees, because 12 o clock is facing upward
        minute.angle = Math.round(minute.angle);

hour.angle = hours*30-90; //30 degrees = 1 hour
        hour.angle = Math.round(hour.angle);

Is there anyway to fix it?

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