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Link cursor bug(not switching back cursor)


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I'm having this bug that makes it so after I remove/hide something that's clickable the "hand-cursor" becomes the active cursor forever.


This code brings it on, I've tried looking at source code, and following the code it seems to change back, but it doesn't.

	function playCallback(button, pointer){		this.buttons.menuGroup.visible = false;	}

menuGroup is a Phaser.Group. Also wondering what's the "best" option if I want something like a menu to dissapear when the game starts, visible = false is what I'm using now.

Is there something better?


Thanks in advance!

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Anyone found a cleaner way of dealing with this than adding an onInputOut handler to fix it?


In my case i'm setting the cursor of the playfield via CSS  

    cursor: url('/sprites/pointer.png'), pointer;

But the first time the cursor hovers over a sprite with useHandCursor then it becomes the normal OS cursor, when I move off the sprite it does switch back to a pointer, but it's the Operating System's white pointer and not my sprite any more.



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