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Call to scene.freezeActiveMeshes causes vr controllers not to show up


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I noticed that the call to scene.freezeActiveMeshes is causing the vr controllers not to show up at all.
Turning off and on the controllers does not help.

I wonder if this is the expected behavior as all meshes are supposed to be frozen ? If this is so, what is the workaround to make the controllers show up and still keeping the rest of the meshes frozen?

I tried to do the following which is to unfroze the world matrix of the controller mesh, but this does not help.

           this._vrHelper.onControllerMeshLoadedObservable.add((c: BABYLON.WebVRController, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {


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This function will freeze the list of active meshes (this is different from freezing mesh worldMatrix). So even if you add more meshes in the scene they will not be displayed

To make sure you have the controllers in the list, just call the scene.freezeActiveMeshes in the onControllerMeshLoadedObservable observable

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