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The best way to store materials ?


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Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on a project implying a serious amount of materials (including textures) and would like to store them as separate files (one per material). So, at first, I decided to store the "material" object as a json file including textures as base64 strings.

I simply tried to merge the object from this json file onto the mesh.material with deepmerge resulting in a "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" (probably due to the base64 textures inside of it)

So I was wondering : what would be the best way to store my materials as separate files so I could load them when needed?

Sorry if this question looks stupid but I can't manage to find a suitable solution.

Thanks in advance ;)

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Do you have textures in your materials ? How do you apply them to a mesh ?

I tried

// material is the object from the json file and deepmerge a library I use
mesh.material = deepmerge(mesh.material, material)

But it throws a "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" :'(

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OK, I finally found it. No need for deepmerge here (as it throws the error above probably because the material objects are too big to be processed that way)

All I needed to do was :

mesh.material = BABYLON.Material.Parse(material, this.scene)

The UVs and normals aren't fine for now but the materials are loaded correctly !

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