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Trying to make things stream on Firefox!


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Dear Anyone.

I have to use Windows XP because of my lovely old software - it doesn't like anything else even in emulation mode.  And I love Firefox - but nowadays it won't stream a thing.  Everything comes up 'Your browser doesn't recognise any of the video types available' if I try to watch any streams (I'm a watcher, not trying to do my own stream!) 

Please, I've joined to see if there's any way to make Firefox show streaming video any more.  I've installed HTML5Everywhere plug-in, no joy. Tried turning Flash off, leaving HTML5Everywhere on, no joy. Tried it the other way around, no joy. Tried safe mode, no joy. Tried forcing it to use VLC instead, works on a couple of sites - dodgy film sites - nothing  else.  

Chrome can do it. Opera/Tor browsers can do it. WHY can't Firefox show HTML5 videos?  Surely you'd think the programmers would make it able to do so?

Yours hopefully


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