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# of active meshes weirdly always stays the same


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On certain scene, I noticed (by checking the debug panel) that the # of active meshes is always the same, which is pretty much all the meshes in the scene.

This is not expected as I expect only the meshes visible from the camera should be active. For ex: If I view just the ground mesh, the # active mesh should be close to 1, but in my scenario it does not change.

Any idea why would this happen ? I don't do anything special with regard to forcing/unforcing the active state of the meshes.


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I might be mistaken, but even if they are not enabled I believe they still come up as active.



What are you trying to accomplish?
I think you are looking for isVisible count not isActive count, perhaps?

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The counter I am referring to is the 'Active meshes' as shown in the pic you attached.

Normally the value of this counter will reflect the actual # of meshes which I can see (via the camera).

For ex: I am looking at the ground only, then it should be 1. If I am seeing 2 boxes only, the it should be 2.

But for this particular scene, the 'Active meshes' stays the same all the same (and it is almost as many as  all the meshes in the scene), it does not matter where I look in the camera. 

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This should not be the case so either you hit a bug or there is a good reason for that  (like scene.freezeACtiveMeshes or mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true).


//Also: moved the post to the correct forum.

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It's very interesting you mentioned those 2 calls :)

Trying to remedy the situation I actually did try to call the opposite of both calls. Once for the scene.unfreezeActiveMeshes and one call for mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = false for each mesh.

Unfortunately it did not help.

I am not sure if I can reproduce the issue in PG, but I will try.

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