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Getting Babylon.js to work in OBS Browser


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Hello, I've been for a long time making an overlay meant for OBS streams. Before I started working too much on it I confirmed that Babylon worked in OBS. However I only tested in Ubuntu/Linux OBS and it works perfectly, but found out the hard way today that I can't really get it to work for Windows OBS. Have been googling quite a bit trying to find a solution and here's what I've come up with:

  • Both Linux and Windows OBS uses CEF. However due to some inconsistencies in Windows, they seem to differ and have GPU disabled by default
  • I run OBS with gpu enabled
  • I visited HTML5Test through OBS and confirmed that both WebGL and WebGL 2 were checked Yes
  • But when trying to simply run Playground with OBS I get "Your browser does not support WebGL" error and no 3D is shown

And this is basically where I'm stuck. I'm not sure if there's some other core feature missing that HTML5Test/me am missing to run babylon.js. Has anyone had similar problems before with CEF or just know what more Babylon.js requires apart from WebGL to be run? All clues are helpful at the moment. Cheers!

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