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scene.onPrePointerObservable and lack of pointer up notification after dragging


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Hi guys,
I have this problem with the latest version of the library.
I added an observable to scene.onPrePointerObservable to get notifications on pointer down and up on the scene and accordingly set a variable _isPointerDown to true or false, in the same way is done in FramingBehavior to detect the user is moving the scene.

When I make a single click on the scene I correctly receive the two notifications for the pointer down and pointer up events.

The problem occurs when I do dragging (moving the camera). I receive the notifications for pointer down and pointer move, even in the moment of button release  (pointer up is missing).
So the variable _isPointerDown remains true even when the pointer is not down anymore.

The problem started with the latest version (3.3.0-alpha.0)
Take a look at the following playground and at the console.



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