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Kindle Fire HD debugging audio issues


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I'm having trouble getting audio sprites to play in any of my games on the Kindle Fire HD. I've checked some other games on the device and for them audio does play. I'm using an .ogg format audio file with my own javscript audio manager system that works great on Samsung and iOS devices (using .m4a on iOS of course). It would be really handy if I could find a way to see a debug console in the Kindle silk browser. Looking on google people claim that you can type 'about:debug' into the address bar to achieve this but I just get a 'This webpage is not available' message if I try this.

I could try a more convoluted system of displaying debug messages but I thought I'd post on here to see if anybody had any other suggestions before going down that route.


Any ideas?


[edit] hmmm... maybe I should have posted this in the 'audio' forum, sorry!

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