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Possible LensFlareSystem Issue(s)


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Hi @levere,

I am not sure what you were expecting to do here. I assume you wanted the sphere to block the camera's movement?

this has nothing to do with the LFS (you can disable it and your demo will not work as well)

To enable collisions on the sphere you will need to set the sphere's checkCollisions to true: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7M28FW#2


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I want the sphere to block the lens flare, if it's between the camera and the light source (as it used to). If camera.checkCollisions is true, the sphere does not block the lens flare. If it is false, it does. I need collision checking in my application. Simply turning it off is not an option. Setting checkCollisions to true on the sphere changes nothing with regards to the lens flare.

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