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Loading an image by extending it to an object


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I am trying to load a character image along with the character object but am having trouble. Currently the game loads without any errors but my sprite does not appear on the screen. I have tried to find a solution online and have looked through the "including sprites/extending sprite demo" phaser example and another topic on here that was for extending phaser game objects. I think I may be close since the character object values appear on the screen but the character image does not. Below is my code.

function Hero() {
   this.name = "Hero"
   this.power = 3;
   this.defense = 3;
   this.health = 15;
   this.maxhealth = 15;
   this.powerExp = 0;
   this.defenseExp = 0;
   this.healthExp = 0;
   this.attackStance = "Aggressive";
class Scene1 extends Phaser.Scene {
   constructor() {
preload() {
     this.load.image('hero', 'assets/sprites/characters/hero.png', 41, 55);
create() {
   this.hero = new Hero({
       scene: this,
       x: 300,
       y: 300,
       key: 'hero',

Also, I just started using Phaser 3 and have no prior web game development experience so this might be something simple I am just missing.]

Thanks in advance. Let me know if you need to see more of the code because I just included what is related to the character I want to load.

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Just as an update and more info, I am able to get the sprite to show up and then assign it all the properties by using the below code. However I will have characters in this game that I will be reusing multiple times and do not want to have to write this each time the character appears.

this.hero = this.add.sprite(300, 300, 'hero');
// Hero character
this.hero.name = "Hero";
this.hero.power = 3;
this.hero.defense = 3;
this.hero.health = 15;
this.hero.maxhealth = 15;
this.hero.powerExp = 0;
this.hero.defenseExp = 0;
this.hero.healthExp = 0;
this.hero.attackStance = "Aggressive";
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