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Babylon not rendering scene for Facebook Instant Game


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I am stuck while developing a game for Facebook instant Game using Babylon.These are steps i followed to create a sample game using Babylon:

1.I used Babylon toolkit for Unity http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/intro to make a sample game.

2.I exported to create a Babylon scene build.

3.Added all the scripts & functions required to make it viable for Facebook instant Game's environment. Ref:https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/babylonjs_and_instant_games

After it was hosted in Facebook Instant game, i checked it in messenger where i am not able to view the scene.Further i investigated more and found that there is a problem in scene rendering.

Have anyone faced this issue earlier?

 Please help!!

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I changed the babylon.js it worked..Thanks..
But i am stuck into another problem!! I do not have any idea how to link a component(script) for a game object..If i proceed in the way how Unity works(by attaching a c# file), i am not able to see the changes in webpage , that i have done on script..I am not able to find any solution from google or any of the babylon's documentation.

Please help!!


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