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Can collide with sprite frame x but not with frame y


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You could add an if-statement in the update loop that checks the frame of the trap sprite and then do a collision:

update() {...if(trap.frame == 1) game.physics.collide(trap, player, onTrapHit, null, this);...}function onTrapHit(trap, player) {   // do trap damage}

In this example you can consider that the trap is deadly on frame 1 (you can test against any other frame or frames). The onTrapHit() is a collision callback in which you do all the damage logic. 

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Thank you, extremely useful thanks again for your help, could someone tell me what each parameter does; 

game.physics.collide(trap, player, onTrapHit, null, this);

is this correct 

trap = sprite variable name
player = sprite variable name 

onTrapHit = call back for the next function 
null = not sure
this = to tell the game object what we refer too? 

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this.game.physics.collide(this.game.player.ref, this.fadingBlocks, function(ref, block) {    if (ref.body.touching.down) {      return _this.game.player.onBlock = true;    }  };}, function(ref, block) {    return block.currentFrame.index === 0;  };});

This will not work verbatim, it's edited from my compiled coffeescript and likely isn't semantically correct. As for how it works, I make usage of the fourth parameter in the function to determine if the collision can happen with the group "fadingBlocks". Hopefully that helps.

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