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Suggestions for endless runner game with music as hint system


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Hi everybody!

I am new to Phaser, so I would like to get your opinions on my project. I want to make a game similar to Rayman Legends, especially regarding the music levels. The idea is that the music beats give hints on when an action must be performed (e.g. jumping), since I am doing this project also with an eye to music therapy. 

So, this is my understanding so far:

  • I will use Phaser 2 / CE, since I find it really difficult to find documentation, tutorials and examples for version 3 as a beginner.
  • My level design should be done using Tiled, and then importing a tilemap in my Phaser game.
  • I can import a song directly in Phaser and normally play the audio.

My level design depends entirely on the song. Once I selected one, how would you go with the development itself? The speed of the character affects the time in which the obstacles are encountered, so would you just make a trial-and-error process and see how to make them fit perfectly with the music? Or is there a better approach in your opinion?


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