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How to manually on/off anti-aliasing of PIXI.Graphics object.


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Is there a way to on/off anti-aliasing of graphics objects manually? I am writing stock chart on top of PIXI.js and it has several shapes. If I set antialiasing property true when creating a renderer all chart shapes are antialiased (Straight shapes are also applied antialiased). Because of antialiased shapes, the chart becomes blurry. Therefore, if I have a way to on/off antialiasing each PIXI graphics objects manually I think chart will become sharp.   

Candle Chart - No need to be antialiased

image.png.ab65d0af5667872ecd5efb80fa6406eb.png Untitled.png.b7bbea5fa31d1500fea5b7018d08ce81.png 

Line Chart - need to be antialiased


Would like to hear any advice on the subject.

Thanks in advance!

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So, you had no luck in getting the lines in the Candle Chart to look better by aligning each line separately to the pixel boundaries (+/- half a pixel)?

Anti-aliasing is a property of the WebGL canvas, so I don't think you can change it per display object. You might be able to render a display object to a separate canvas or render target using a different anti-aliasing setting, and then render that separate canvas to the main canvas as a sprite.

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