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Looking for a html5 developer to help build arcade/gaming portal

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Hi guys,

We're looking for someone who can help us build a html5 based mobile gaming portal/arcade. We're hoping to have at least 30 games (if not more) including replicas of all the most popular games around (if possible) such as flappybird, angry birds, candy crush, doodle jump, colour bounce, tap revenge, ridiculous fishing, temple run, tiny wings, fruit ninja, cut the rope, etc..

Completely open to buying clone games and game packs from the likes of code canyon or any where else. However we'd like to ensure that each of the games has a few features so will most likely needs some customisation. Customisation we'd be after would be retaining the highscore for the user, single game leader board, potentially a cross game leader board, some admin stats to see most popular games, most active users etc.

Open to whatever framework the main site is built in. If you have design skills to help with this, that is a bigger bonus. The primary use will be on mobile so responsive is essential. Ideally some thought for language translation would be really great too as we're looking to serve the portal to multiple countries and languages (however this isn't essential) 

Please drop us a PM, please include a bit about your history, potential time frames, rough costing and any questions you may have. We are on a bit of a time pressure to get this sorted within weeks so please bare this in mind when getting in touch



===== EDIT BELOW ====

Due to the number of PMs I'm getting I've decided to clarify a bit. Firstly please don't ask to speak directly to speak on skype, I'll be discussing the opportunity via email for now so please include that and we'll eventually progress to skype once we've narrowed down we're a good fit. 

Overview of requirements:
  • Initially around 30-40 games, ideally including the ones initially mentioned in the post. Over time we'd probably like to grow this amount up to maybe 200. I'm open to the idea of buying clones from places like code canyon (or even buying packs of games to build up game numbers quickly like these).
  • Design and build of portal, although again open to using existing frameworks like http://www.arcadebooster.comhttps://www.avscripts.net/avarcade, or maybe even https://myarcadeplugin.com/features/ if we go down wordpress
  • The portal would need a very simple register/login system (unregistered uses should be able to see the game pages but not play or see the game)
  • I'd like each of the games to retain the users highest score from previous plays
  • I'd like a leader board for each game
  • I'd like some admin stats in the back end (to see most popular game, most active users, etc)
  • No need for social sharing, no need for multiplayer games, no need to Ads anywhere on site
  • Timeframe is a couple of weeks for the inital 30-40 games.

When PM'ing me, please include a little bit of your opinion on the project (to prove you've actually read it) along with your email address and I'll be in touch




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