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Plow Games 16-Bit Office Tour

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Hi everyone,

At Plow Games, we have been working on our new company website and have just soft-launched the first phase: A 16-Bit, Zelda-perspective game that allows players walk around our new office building and meet everyone at Plow. Made with Phaser 3, the game is playable on all modern browsers, including desktop, mobile, Wii U and Xbox One. We hope you all enjoy the game!

Direct Game Link:


  • Playable with the keyboard, in-game touch controller, USB gamepad, Wii U gamepad and Xbox One controller
  • Play in portrait or landscape with a fully responsive interface
  • Three floors to visit
  • 16-Bit pixel art


  • Audio is muted, by default, and can be turned on in the Help menu.
  • There is no point-and-click navigation. All interaction is done with the keyboard, gamepad or in-game touch controller.
  • The in-game touch controller can be set to hidden or visible in the Help menu, for players that just want a solid black background. The touch controller will still work when it is hidden.
  • The in-game touch controller can be also controlled with the mouse.
  • On Wii U, due to the available browser, the framerate is a little slow, and audio cannot be enabled. We also have disabled the in-game touch controller to save on memory. However, the game is still very playable, since all animation is done with delta time. There’s even a max delta time that ensures the physics won’t let the player pass through any collision areas. We’ve always wanted to make games for Nintendo systems, so we’re very glad to have gotten the game running on the system.

Controls for Keyboard

  • Arrow Keys/WASD: Move and navigate menus
  • Spacebar/Enter: Confirm menu selection
  • 1: Toggle pause game Help menu

Controls for Mobile

  • D-Pad: Move and navigate menus
  • Purple Button: Confirm menu selection
  • Gray Button: Toggle pause game Help menu

Controls for USB Gamepad, Wii U Gamepad and Xbox One Controller

  • D-Pad/Left Stick: Move and navigate menus
  • Face Buttons: Confirm menu selection
  • Start/Select/Shoulder Buttons: Toggle Help menu






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