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2nd DEVELOPER HUNT (to complete our team)


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We are a "startup" called Evoloot seeking a second developer to complete our team. We require a game developer who has familiarity with back end databases and REST API. Our developer has written a description of an individual who would complement his skills as we move our build forward. I have attached it to this post. Our goal is for our first solid build to be completed by the end of the year if not sooner.

The core of Evoloot is building a community for gamers that is healthy, entertaining while also growth inspiring and supporting. We want to support people to have great lives online AND offline. We have a well established vision for where we want to go and have knocked off some major pieces. We are simply looking to round out our team with someone who is talented, dedicated and interested in working with us (ideally medium to long-term).

We are structured like a startup, though the reality is that we already have a niche market base in Canada for a portion of our product, with an active FB group connected to our vision that has been running for three years strong. We have approximately 4000 active members in our Facebook group, and we plan to transfer those members off of the Facebook platform when our website is fully ready. Currently on the Evoloot team we have a product manager, video game element & design, artist and animator, and our back-end/front-end developer. We also have our whole Facebook team which includes a manager and 6 regular sellers who are indirectly involved.

We have a couple of options typical to startups for value exchange for a new team member: 1) Payment only, 2) Payment & Equity, 3) Equity only. We can explore this further if you are interested.


Most importantly, this project is about growth and teamwork. Having a willingness to learn is essential. Being able to take and give feedback is also crucial. Hit me up if this sounds like it's up your alley!


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