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Quite complicated collision detection


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So .. I'm working on this little orbiting game and I have a problem with collision detection.

I have some sprites within the container. The container is rotating (so the sprites are also rotating). One of the sprites is an Arc.

What I want to do is to detect a collision of my player sprite with that arc. Any ideas how to achieve that?

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The built in physics engine has support for collision detection via circles as per:


So if you had your player sprite using a physics shape as well you could detect a collision between that and the circle.  After that you could qualify it further to the arc by using a known state.  So say your arc is 45 degrees and always starts at a given angle you'll know if its collided by checking its current angle vs it starting one when then circles collide.

Does that kind of make sense?

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That's what I have actually done - but without the physics engine. I'm still having some problems with the angles. I don't know if this has something to do with the container rotation taking place in update function in a different class than the one I'm doing collision checks. It kinda works - but sometimes doesn't :)

What I do is I check angles for the arc endpoints and then the angle of a vector from player position to the container center. Sometimes it looks like it hits out of the arc, but when I check values which are console.logged I can see it is not.

 I'm still looking for maybe a better solution

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