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Quick help with Babylon JS File Loader and Scaling


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Hey All,

I imported a .babylon skinned mesh I exported from Maya with the exporter tool. I can now see it in my scene, but I am getting an error in the console:

babylon.custom.js:9757 BJS - [13:06:49]: Unable to load from models/BabylonJSTest/dancer_bjs.babylon: Error in onSuccess callback

I'm also trying to scale the whole avatar (it has multiple meshes) but I can't figure out how to scale anything. Could someone provide a quick tip?

I'm still very new to this : )


I attached the .babylon file and textures.


        BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("models/BabylonJSTest/", "dancer_bjs.babylon", scene, function (scene) {




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I haven't personally utilized the Maya exporter yet... however it appears you've exported a compressed version of you scene. Take a look at your export settings, and see if you can change this. Otherwise, I'm certain someone will answer this more specifically soon. Remember, the Maya exporter is still new. I work in Maya, but still use Blender to export working babylon.js files; as I know precisely what to do to generate the scene I need from Blender. Also, most devs on this forum are doing the same. However, if you have luck with this, I'm certainly considering switch as it would be far more efficient for me personally.


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I was able to get scaling to work when I switched to using a LoadAssetContainer to import my skinned mesh then used a for loop to grab all the meshes.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to access speedRatio, to lower the number from 1, but I'm not having luck. I can see that through Chrome's Dev tools it is located in the Animatables and also there is something like _activeAnimaTables, but I'm getting the callback error again when I try and do something like container._activeAnimaTables.speedRatio = 0.1 (within a For Loop). Any ideas? 


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We may need to see the entire code (can you try to repro in the Playground? You can save your files in GitHub and get a link from there with rawgit.com)

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