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Maya .Babylon Export Changing Material with JS Breaks Animation


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Firstly, sorry I don't have my code in front of me, but I'm wondering/thinking this is a bug.

I exported a skinned mesh avatar from Maya to *.babylon format with an animation. When I load the model into babylon.js it displays and the animation begins and loops as expected.

The bug is that when I change the material on any mesh from the imported skinned mesh consisting of multiple meshes (eyes, clothes, body etc) those particular meshes just stay in place. They no longer animate, but the rest of the meshes with the original imported material do animate just fine.

Any ideas?

In case it is relevant, I was replacing the imported material with a GLSL shader. Changing the material did work fine and in this case the avatars clothes became a GLSL texture that has some values which change over time, but again the cloth meshes just stay in place while the rest of my avatar animates.

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