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update function of states not executed


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Hello, last summer I've created a game in flixel (http://ictbram.com/starfighter)

I'm trying to port it to phaser so it works on mobile browsers.

It started alright. I managed to get the plane moving on my ipad's screen :) 

For organizing my code a bit I used the basic template that is in the resource templates of phaser 1.1.4

It works in firefox and chrome for desktop, but nog longer on mobile browsers

Not on an ipad, not on chrome for android.

It starts bootstate and preloaderstate but does not seem to run the update function of that states. The update function of preloaderState should start 'MainMenuState' like the template.

I've tested it with emulation mode (http://www.sitepoint.com/use-mobile-emulation-mode-chrome/) in chrome so I can see a console and chose a nexus 5, but it simply does nog execute the update function of PreloaderState.js

It does work on desktop, can someone help me with this problem? 

I've put in online over here: http://ictbram.com/phaserStarFighter

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