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Particles Scroll Factor


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I am trying to get a particle emitter work in the middle of a screen where the camera is moving around on the map (like a win animation thingy), but I can't get it working. I can get the particles to work but they are stuck to specific coordinates and not centered in the screen/camera.

I can't set scrollFactor on particles and if I add it to a container with scrollFactor(0) then I get this error:

Uncaught TypeError: child.setScrollFactor is not a function
    at ContainerWebGLRenderer [as renderWebGL] (ContainerWebGLRenderer.js:59)
    at WebGLRenderer.render (WebGLRenderer.js:1563)
    at CameraManager.render (CameraManager.js:409)
    at Systems.render (Systems.js:298)
    at SceneManager.render (SceneManager.js:587)
    at Game.step (Game.js:450)
    at TimeStep.step (TimeStep.js:553)
    at step (RequestAnimationFrame.js:102)

Anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this?

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