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Recommendations for grid-based pathfinding


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Hi all,

I've been working on a multiplayer strategy game with Phaser for a while now and I need to do some pathfinding calculations. I've been using this project for the longest time but it's no longer meeting my requirements for this project (namely, actively or recently maintained, usable in Node, and synchronous). Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've come across the following packages:

http://github.com/bgrins/javascript-astar - Abandoned; doesn't work in Node

https://github.com/qiao/PathFinding.js - Promising, but abandoned; browser bundle not included on npm

https://github.com/prettymuchbryce/easystarjs - Abandoned; currently conflicting with my build process so I can't test yet


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I wasn't aware Easystar.js is abandoned, where did you hear this? Easystar is usually my go to for simple grid based path finding and I am using it in a few of my games without a hitch.

As an alternative have you considered using a navmesh? I would recommend this approach for a boost in performance.

Here is a really great navmesh lib that has a wrapper for Phaser 2 and 3:


The author has also made a great guide for getting it up and running.


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