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Looking for a developer (paid job)

Daniel K.

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I am sorry if it doesn't fit well in here, but there is apparently no jobs board for Phaser :)

I am pro developer with 15 years of experience (JavaScript mainly) and right now I am starting with the development of a game. It will be paid multiplayer game (subscription model probably). I have hired a game designer to make me a design document. Later on, I want to hire someone who will draw me proper graphics.

I am looking for a help to develop the initial part of the game, more like an offline prototype than a full game and I would like to user Phaser 3 for that. I can offer like $400 one time payment, but it's a preliminary estimation and there is a room for more depending on the complexity of the solution.

It will be about train movement around the railroad yard with junctions and car (de)coupling and some basic collisions (no derailment though). I don't strive for physics perfection or realism, there are so many train simulators for that. On the contrary, it should be more funky/casual, kinda slow pace, no tiles (semi-free track layout) and a top-down view. Ultimately, it might end up as pixel art, but that's undecided yet. It is inspired by the following project which is more like a real-life simulator, but lacking any goal or progression. I want to take that idea much further.

Feel free to ask questions here, but if you are interested in the job, please use private message.



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