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Enemy must changes direction when arrive to the end of platform


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I would like to change the direction of an enemy when it arrive to the end of the platform. I have tried using hasTileAt, but it is not working for me. I think maybe there is a better way.

You have the game code in the attachments, and you can see the same code working in this url:



This is the problematic code:

var nextX = this.x + direccion*(Math.abs(this.width/2) );
nextX=Math.floor(nextX/32)+1 //32px is my tilesize

var nextY = this.y+this.height/2;
nextY = Math.floor(nextY/32)

var nextTile = collisionLayer.hasTileAt(nextX, nextY)
console.log(nextTile + " - " + this.body.blocked.down)
if(!nextTile && this.body.blocked.down){
 this.body.velocity.x *= -1;



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I can't see what's wrong with the code excerpt, but a simple way around the problem would be to use invisible immovable tiles at the end of platforms (one space off of their edge at the walkable height), and set a horizontal bounce property of the moving sprite. So when the sprite hits the invisible tile, it bounces off in the opposite direction.

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It's this line that I worry about the most (using the current live version):

var nextX = this.x + direccion*(Math.abs(this.width/2)+1);

Also, Math.abs() doesn't make sense, unless your sprites have negative width? Is it supposed to be Math.floor()?

I would setup a "nextGridY" set of variables. For nextGridX it would be something like:

var nextGridX = Math.floor(this.x/32) + direccion;

And to make it easier, a setOrigin of (0,1) might help (i.e., so the sprites are bottom-aligned).

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