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If you sell exclusively to a publisher, what do they do with your game?


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I'm fairly new to html5. I've managed to develop a game a month for the last two months and plan on continuing to do so for a while to sharpen my skills and hopefully build up a decent body of work.

I'm very passionate about game development, I've been making games for almost 10 years now. My realistic goal is to make some extra change on the side of my actual job with these html5 games. And hopefully turn it into a full time job with contract/freelance work.


I've done my research on the different ways you can profit from your html5 games, it seems like the most common are: selling exclusive/non-exclusive rights, or publishing it yourself and using ads/microtransactions.

My goal is to sell exclusive rights to a publisher. I was just wondering, say I do sell a game to a publisher. What happens next? How do they use my game? I'm guessing it's different for every publisher, but the concept of an html5 game publisher seems very vague to me. Do they just take it and post it on their own website or a website like addictinggames? Or do they use it as a template to rebrand for other companies?


Any discussion on the topic would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is kind of nooby/annoying of me to ask. Just very curious and excited to get deeper into the html5 community :^)

P.S. If you have any advice for a new part-time html5 dev to get their first game sold for exclusive rights that would be greatly appreciated as well.

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