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Different types of publishers?


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Hi friends!

I just started into html5 game dev, and I just finished my first game! It was exciting, motivating but exhausting too :P (I have a full time programmer job Every day which has nothing to do with this so I worked on my games during evening and weekends :|)

Well yesterday I tried to contact 2 or 3 web sites and i asked what they thought about the game. One of them already answered and said they liked it! Great!

They asked me if they could publish my game on their website...but for free. So that's why I'm posting this topic, I wondered if they were 2 different types of publishers : the one which dont give you money but make your game played, and the other one which, when your game has been enough played (on the 'non paying publisher' website), are OK to pay for it (non exclusive or exclusive license).

Am I right or they just use the fact i'm new and i know nothing to host it free ? :(

Thanks for your answers guys,


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My profile is like yours! I'm system analyst and I decided play with game developing these days! And it's being funny!

It's sad because I only can work on it evenings and weekends! :(


I'm following this topic because I'm almost finishing my first one too \o/ and I will probably deal with this issues!


So keep writing here how you published your first game, if possible the sites you published etc!



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Haha nice, BTW i hate my job (developer...yeah, a lot of companies make you hate that :( )


Well, unfortunately, no news today. I posted my games on less known websites (because market.js, clay.io, etc... everybody know those websites which are "free" publishers), I looked for websites who could sell licenses...hard to find (and I don't know how to access to this forum's hidden list :P). I send email to 2 people, but it was only yesterday, so let's still hope :P


Good luck for you own game ;)



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I find this interesting, too.


Rich wrote in his blog about how the only way to make money seemed to make mobile-html5-games (client work or sponsorship).

Didn't even know about this whole sponsorship stuff...

I always thought I would have to make a game, put it on the web and load it with adds to get any money.


I'd like to hear about how the rest of you, desktop or mobile, make some money with browser games :)

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I want to say, I'm not expert with HTML5 but I know few stuff...

If you're wondering how you can make money with HTML5,


You can sell "non-exclusive" licenses to sponsors for around 400$-1000$. (As many as you can)

You can sell "exclusive" license to one sponsor for around 2000$-3000$. (Only one license)

You can make deals on "Ad-Rev" basis which you can earn money from ads.

You can rent your game to sponsors they'll continue if the game's getting a good number of plays.


However, to the topic's question:
You can give them an "Ad-Supported" version to them.

But do not give them your game for free if not ad supported.


I don't think there's two types of publishers... They didn't want to publish it, they wanted it to be played at their website. (Or maybe, they wanted to make "Ad-Rev" deal with you.)


@True Valhalla wrote a book called "Making Money With HTML5" .. It's the book to buy!



Hady Hayman (IamHadzy)

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