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Particle System Colour changing


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Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone new how I could make my particle's colour be based of its spawn height.

I think I need to do it in the start position function or update function but I don't know how I would go about doing that.

Here is a playground where the height of the particle at start changes, how could I make it so the bottom ones are always blue and the top ones are always red?

Any ideas?


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hmmm that seems a little crazy for what I need right now, so If there are other ways to do it I'm open to suggestions, but il try that..

I was also wondering is particleSystem.addSizeGradient in babylon 3.2 because I can't seem to use it...


Thanks for the super quick response DK

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@DylanD You're welcome,
i hope it helps :) , note i added a second version aswell;

12 minutes ago, aWeirdo said:

And another using switch, more controlable / easier to set specific colours at different heights. ( 0-10 ) in this example, 

well, tbf, i should add it will probs never hit 10, but 0-9 ;) .

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14 minutes ago, aWeirdo said:

Hi again, @DylanD

Like this ? http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#U64HVU#10

Just add the position.y of the emitter to the min & max emitBox when calculating :) 

exactly like that, I wasn't able to get that through my experiments.  So, thank you very much!  Here is one of my experiments that turned out really cool but not what I wanted.



funny I broke down and 30 minutes ago just started doing it with many particle systems instead of just one and math.. time to switch back :) 

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