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Input Brainstorm/Flick Path


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So this is the starts to trying to work out a "flick" control for a project I am working on.

I am trying to effectively track a simplified curve or line of the players finger/mouse click and drag to release.

Ive got a basic mock up here, but there are a few bugs that I need to figure out still.

But I was wondering if anyone has any better ideas of how to do this,  or any other thoughts that come to mind.

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So from here I am almost ready to start trying to "tossing" stuff.


Got a power level effected by the distance of the swipe and the speed of it, a release height, then lastly will work out the "curve".  Going for a simulated feeling thats natural even though its not a true to life model, but hopefully will make sense when there are visual cues re-enforcing the physical movement of your finger.

So here is one dimension handled.... Next gotta script in left/right and then apply some custom logic to make the "stars" curve.

Just need to make some adjustments and figure out the stuff for the curving.
and besides a "ninja-star" game, I rotated the square so it was being tossed flat and a "cornhole" game would be ezpz to make as well with this mockup.



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