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Strange difference between models, exported to .babylon and .gltf(.glb)


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I converted one simple model in 3DMax 2018 to .babylon and .glb format using standart settings for babylon.js exporter. Then I tried to use it on my webpage, but the same exported .babylon and .glb models looked different, although they were represented by the same code. Babylon format looks predictable, as I imagined it, but the same glb model looks too dark for some reason, even light in scene don't make any difference.



(model https://pycz.github.io/test.babylon )



(model https://pycz.github.io/test.glb)


(model https://pycz.github.io/test.max)


Just don't understand, why glb looks different and what to do to make it looks like babylone one. Maybe it is obvious, but I really don't see it.?

Screenshot_2018-08-01 Babylon js Playground(1).png

Screenshot_2018-08-01 Babylon js Playground.png

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Hello! this is because glTF uses a PBR material and this kind of material needs an environment texture.

Just call scene.createDefaultEnvironment() after loading your gltf file

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