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Multiplayer TCG

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Will Babylon handle two player games?   I am specifically looking to make a Trading Card Game similar to Magic the Gathering.  And if so… are there any plugins or templates that will be helpful in creating it?  The biggest thing I'm looking for though is any help/articles on creating a multi player game.

I've looked at Unreal Engine and Unity.  They both have some TCG templates/toolkits you can buy but since I am going to be developing this myself at first, it would be MUCH faster to work with an HTML 5 game engine for me.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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Well there is no limitation about the number of players as this is not really related to babylon.js. You can search the forum for multiplayer questions (This will probably involve server side developement with node.js)

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One good project to check out is this boilerplate project to get you started, it's using a node backend:

It's using https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus for all the multi-player logic and is game engine agnostic.  It takes care of matchmaking and state synchronization!

If you don't want to add any infrastructure, there is also cloud services like Azure SignalR now in public preview - not sure about pricing.  This is perhaps a good option for running on a static website.  I'd go this way, but I'm all about serverless!

The multi-player is not really related to babylon.js, but just wanted to let you know about that project to get you on your way.


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My 2 cents worth of tips:

The authors of those 2 games listed on the home page were kind enough to keep their code readable:


^ local multi player with keyboard/gamepads

Maybe his official BabylonJS book covers the topic slightly as well?

And this racer works with your browser network (LAN):


The concept for internet multi player may be very similar to the latter example.


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