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Forcing the player to move a direction when he overlaps a sprite


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Basically I want to make an arrow sprite that automatically moves the player in that direction when they walk over it.

1) Can I even do this with arcade physics? When I set arrowsprite.body.enable=true, that makes the sprite solid and the player can no longer walk over it. I've thoroughly studied the docs and forums and there is no way to give a sprite collision *or overlap* logic without making it solid and impassable.

2) There is also no way to force player sprites to move regardless of the player's input. That behavior seems reserved only for non-player sprites. Do I have to create a separate non-player sprite, usually control that with player inputs, and make the actual player sprite invisible?

If arcade physics doesn't have these functionalities in phaser 2, what should I use (for phaser 2)?

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