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Sound spatialization from 2017


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So I stumbled upon this devlog from 2017. It says some details may not be correct but I was just wondering what happened to this feature. Google says this is the only time the word "spatialization" has been used on www.phaser.io


This week for the first time you will be able to play sounds in v3 which is pretty exciting. What’s more exciting is all the functionality that will be included in the v3 Sound API like dynamic effects, audio spatialization (3D audio) and audio sprite support just to name a few.


I searched through the current documentation and examples and the audio spatialization feature doesn't seem to exist currently in Phaser. It would be pretty neat to have it though. What happened to it? Is it on a to-do list? I've found a basic example of spatialization in WebAudio on MDN in case anyone in interested:




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