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App store deals?


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It's been happening for quite some time now. There's nothing to say about 'this deal' if you don't attach a price to it. 


But the fact that publishers are interested in licensing for the appstores too means they're getting value there either from monetization or purely for exposure to drive back traffic or create brand awareness. THe fact that publishers get value from appstores means that every HTML5 game that can viably exist on an appstore just had its value increase. That's a great thing.


Of course there are exclusive-only deals. If the price is right, it's a great thing. However, there are a number of developers who're into HTML5 for the long run and it appears that they all fare much better by retaining their IP than selling it off in a one-time deal. I think exclusive deals are great if you're going to do HTML5 for 6-12 months while paying for college. But if you want to develop a viable business, non-exclusive deals, partnerships, revenue sharing, branded games and self-publishing (potentiall on an appstore) is the way to go.


I've seen exclusive Web App + Native App rights go for anything upwards of 4k. In the long-run, that's not a great price. (a solid title can generally make 3k non-exclusives and 3k in rentals/revenueshares in 1 year, and you retain your IP and appstore rights). But in the short-term, getting 4-5k for an exclusive deal is nice, too. It allows you to kickstart your business and if you can make two titles like say every 7 weeks and investing $750 for each game in art and sound assets, you've got a pretty decent monthly salary.

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