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Positioning Loading Screen


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Is there a way to change the position of the loading screen to static? Right now, when the loading screen appears after the page load, it is positioned outside of the layout, probably due to it being fixed/absolute position, instead of staying within the container. Is there a way to override the positioning in this case?

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Hmm, so after playing around with this for awhile, I have not been able to set the positioning of the loading screen or disable it. :( I have been unable to get the id of the CSS, possibly because I am loading the scenes within a Vue component, what should I do in this case?

My code looks something like this to create the scene canvas:


  <canvas ref="canvas" class="canvas" :style="{height: height, width: width, outline: none, display: 'block'}"></canvas>

<script lang="ts">
export interface ISceneArgs {
  engine: BABYLON.Engine;
  scene: BABYLON.Scene;
  canvas: HTMLCanvasElement;

export default {
  name: "SceneComponent",
  data: function() {
    return {
      engine: null,
      scene: null
  props: {
    onSceneMount: {
      type: Function,
      required: true
    height: {
      type: String,
      default: "100%"
    width: {
      type: String,
      default: "100%"
  mounted() {
  methods: {
    setupScene() {
      const canvas = this.$refs.canvas as HTMLCanvasElement;
      this.engine = new BABYLON.Engine(
        { preserveDrawingBuffer: true },
      const scene = new BABYLON.Scene(this.engine);
      this.scene = scene;
        scene: this.scene,
        engine: this.engine,
        canvas: this.$refs.canvas
  beforeDestroy() {
    window.removeEventListener("resize", this.handleResize);


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