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Prevent vertical stripes in babylon mesh

Ravi Kiran

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I am trying to draw a mesh using a heightmap and its texture. The mesh is getting plotted, but I see vertical stripes in the structure drawn. The following image shows this:


Is there a way to prevent the stripes and just have the structure? I tried a number of options but wan't lucky enough to figure it out by myself.

Here is the demo I created on playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#2WFHNI

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23 minutes ago, Gijs said:

Hi, you can lower the maxHeight parameter of CreateGroundFromHeightMap:


Thanks, that reduces the height of the object drawn. I want the object to be floating at the specified height without the stripes. In my project, the heightmaps I receive are like rocky surfaces with their edges not touching the ground. For that I have to set a fixed height to the mesh, similar to the example I created but my users don't want to see the stripes.

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You can modify BABYLON.VertexData.CreateGroundFromHeightMap to check if a point is in the transparent zone, and set the height to a custom value. If you set it to a special value you can recognize later, you can use that in the part where the indices are set, and correct one or two of the "transparent" vertices. An added bonus is that if all three vertices are "transparent", you can leave the triangle out completely (save on geometry)!

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