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[PG] Code Hot Swapping experiment


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Code "hot swapping" / auto-update experiment for babylon playground..



All meshes, lights & cameras must have name's/id's set.
It will not update changes made to Mesh/Light/Camera creation strings.
It will not add or remove (by manual coding) Meshes/Lights/Cameras without re-running,
  (it will remove e.g. a mesh if you type mesh.dispose(), but not by simply deleting a mesh's creation string)

-Added updateXXXX variables ( lines 35, 36, 37 ), disabled updateCameras by default (setTarget issues)


What does it do?
Change a property in the editor like light.intensity from '1' to '.5' and see the results without having to click run and resetting the scene.

Current Rev: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#TY8HCN#7

Bugs are expected. :P 

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