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[PAID] Front-End Game Programmer in Stockholm, Sweden


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Fulltime position as Front-End Developer in Stockholm, Sweden


Do you want creating innovative and visually stunning games that will shake up the casino industry? Our Stockholm Game Studio is looking for an experienced Game Programmer who is passionate about gaming  and enjoys the challenge of working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.  
Our goal here on Fantasma is formost to create wonderful workplace where we together can laugh, thrive and spend our days deepening our passion for gaming. And in doing so we deliver awe inspiring games to millions of people all over the world! Do you want to help us? 

Game Programmer at Fantasma 
As a Fantasma Game Programmer you will be placed in the vanguard to revolutionise the Online Casino Industry! Together with our talented team you will get the opportunity to learn new technologies and skills, as well as our support in honing your current abilities to perfection.  You need to have a open, playful and inquisitive mind, ready for all the challenges of the evolving casino landscape. We are a small studio with tight bonds and big dreams.  This means that everyone in the team is invaluable asset whose opinions matter and help shape the future of our projects.  
Who are you? 
A creative and resourceful individual who want to be more than a faceless cog in a machine. You are adaptive and face challenges and adversities with a smile. You communicate well and is and is not afraid to voice your good ideas. You make positive contributions so that ours is a workplace where everyone is happy and feel they belong. You want to work with people that like yourself take pride in and truly care about the games we are creating together. 

Your assignments: 
● Make amazing games, from wacky ideas all the way to finished products! 
● Game development using Javascript, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3 
● Maintenance of our existing games 
● Working together with our framework team to continuously evolve the framework to help push the boundaries for what we can do with our games 
● Build and release our products using tools such as Pixi, Phaser, Playcanvas, Maven, Jenkins and Foreman 
We are looking for you with: 
● 2+ years of prior experience of software development as employee or contractor 
● Object oriented programming and design patterns 
● Structured software development and its life cycle 
● GUI oriented development 
● An affinity for program stunning and creative graphical effects. 

We also value 
● Experience in PIXI, Gulp, Jenkins, Maven, NodeJS, GIT, SASS and Webpack 
● Knowledge in TDD and automated testing techniques 
● Any other creative skill, from sound design to 3D modelling 
● Interest in computer graphics programming, animations and effects 
● Full stack development with Java 
● Linguistic skills beyond Swedish and English 

Interested to join our studio? 
[email protected] 

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